About Us

Laxman Energy Products Ltd.

is a leading company in India specializing in and providing a complete range of LED products manufactured using the best technology and highest quality components.
We are a part of the Laxman Sylvania Group (now known as Laxman Group) with decades of lighting experience. We provide a huge selection of NEW GENERATION LED lighting products aimed to meet the different lighting needs of today. Our LED Lights are applicable for Offices, Homes, Shopping Malls, Showrooms, Hotels, Home Theatres, Farm Houses, Architectural Lighting and almost all possible areas of lighting. We can also provide LED Lighting as per customer’s requirements. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction by providing our customers with a comprehensive lighting solution along with high quality products and services.

The Company is constantly working to introduce new LED products, as per market needs, in consultation with our in-house lighting engineers, architects and designers in sync with the international LED Lighting Technology. We have an in house manufacturing cum assembling unit and in house Quality Testing Department and can manufacture cum assemble normal and customised LED Lighting products as per customer requirement.

We give lots of importance to Quality and have the latest quality testing equipment such as –

  • Spectrophotometer & Integrating Sphere Test System.
  • Digital Power Meter (Harmonic model) - It can calculate THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) in LED Driver and sub-harmonic of voltage and current that meets the requirement of IEC Standards.
  • AC Testing Power Source - It has advantages of high loading capacity, high stability, pure output waveform in LED Driver.
  • LED Driver Tester Analyzer – This is specially designed to check input and output electrical performance of LED driver with high stability, economy and multifunction. It can test LED input and output electrical property simultaneously and can preset upper & lower limit for automatic judgment, and alarm when exceeding limit. It is very suitable for site-test like production line, quality inspection and R&D.
  • Power Analyser | Driver Age Testing | Lux Meter | Voltage Meter | Age Testing Rack.

We have a strong marketing and technical support team to tackle any challenging work.



  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Long Life span
  • Energy Efficiency
  • No Heat
  • Design Flexibility
  • Low voltage high light output

LED technology allows for ground-breaking designs of inspiring purity and beauty. LED lighting provides incredible energy efficiency too without sacrificing light quality, power output or choice. It is highly efficient, long lasting, environment friendly and inherently controllable.

Wide Variety of Indoor Lighting

Find the perfect mood for a specific room. With an extensive range consisting of Tube lights, Suspended lights, Track lights, Wall lights and Table lamps our extensive range of LEDs illuminate every room in a unique way.

Quality & Safety

Enjoy perfect light quality, instant ON with no warm up time and directional lighting making sure there is no wastage of energy. With no Mercury and Inert gas the lights are extremely safe to use.

Sturdy Outdoor Lighting

Outstanding design features mean that the external lighting range not only looks fantastic but is also durable and weatherproof thanks to its high-quality materials and workmanship. The lighting is able to withstand the harsh weather changes across India.

Cost Effective

When compared LEDs are priced higher than other incandescent bulbs but only in terms of their initial price. You will soon make up the money. This is because LED bulbs consume less electricity to produce the same level of brightness and last up to 40,000 hours. So once you fit it you can forget worrying about changing it for years.